Improve efficiency of sales teams
Reduce distribution costs
Increase coverage scale and а number of active clients
Deliver higher average orders
Ensure direct communication with remote regions and territories
Strengthen SOM
With MЁD you will
MЁD is an eco-system for retailers
Which allows shop keeper / store in-charge to communicate directly with producers, suppliers and distributers in real time; so as to place their orders through the app, execute Perfect Store standards (assortment, shelf lay out and stock availability), and earn bonuses for performance; with the objective of improving their efficiency by cutting down on face-to-face interactions and minimizing waiting time for deliveries.

Within one-stop shop retailers may satisfy their needs on а wide range of categories, products, brands and suppliers.
User friendly product catalogue
Real time orders & shipments control
Customizable and targeted special-offers
Advertising for new products & special offers
Brand communication
Tasks (photo-control, sales target, surveys)
Education (tests & gamification)
Retail loyality & audit
Transparent points balance (earned and spent)
All types of prizes - e-certificates, real goods, free-product
Motivation & prize catalogue
Problem in Moms & Pops channel
Thousands of sales reps are still the main or the only communication channel between manufacturers, suppliers and stores.
Inefficient RTM and very limited scalability, especially in remote areas.
Low speed to market for new products and promo.
High cost of mono-brand digital infrastructure (development, maintenance, acquisition and retention)
High distribution costs (limited number of stores and physical visits per sales rep).
Mid or low performance and in-field execution (product range, promo communication, new product distribution).
Insufficient level of automation and digitalization
Suppliers & distributers
Limited access to competitive offers and fair prices on the product range for the remote areas.
Enormous number of mono-brand apps and web-sites (beer, tobacco, soft-drinks, …) for covered areas, where store-managers have to deal with 20+ different apps or web-sites with all the variety of UX and functionality.
MЁD is an eco-system for manufacturers and suppliers
We are cloud-based aggregated solution, which helps manufacturers and suppliers to eliminate non-value adding activities in Moms & Pops channel, increase scale and number of active clients, improve speed and quality of communication with the stores, and drive for much better in-store performance.
MЁD may be easily deployed at the viable cost for both – corporate business as well as local SMB manufacturers and suppliers.
Online communication
Entire store receives information about new products within 1 day
Producer receives feedback as well as complete analysis from retailers directly
Real time feedback
No time wastage in conducting offline visits by sales reps to the stores
Smart resource allocation
Results of our partners
The number of SKU in orders increased by 14% compared to orders by sales reps
Order volume increased by 6%
80% of orders contain products recommended in motivation programs
Benefits delivered by MЁD
Higher Efficiency
Online orders 24/7,
quick feedback, sales tracking, merchandise tracking and full
analytics reports
Cost optimization of the store visits by cutting the product flow from 6 steps to direct interaction with Store
Cost reduction by 30-70%
Introducing World Class SMB advertising platform which will benefit the 4 segments (advertisers / Producers / SMB Owners / Individuals workers)
Sharing profits
Direct communication between retailers and producers, full visibility of the market to the producer
Transparency & Control
Increase Sales by reducing out of stock, insure delivery on time, tasks increasing the efficiency of the sales in store and Introducing new products on the spot
Additional Sales
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